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I was poking around the ISY backup file one day and noticed the user names in the 0.UCF file.  You need to extract the backup zip file.  Then again extract the uuid.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.zip file with 7-zip.  You will find the 0.UCF file in the CONF folder.  Most of it is not legible content.  But I did see the user names in plain text within this file.  Yes, I was very board one day.  I assume the file extension of 0.UCF stand for User Config File.  

But I have not found a was to get a list of users.  

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2 hours ago, bpwwer said:

File -> Set Userid/Password from the admin console.


It's my understanding (and I just tried again)  that only the Admin User, located at File > Set Userid/Password works.    If you attempt to set one in Userid 1 -9 it appears to set, but is unusable for logging in to the admin console.    The wiki page, doesn't contain instructions for using those entries either.   I think in the past I've answered several queries about those here in the forum with essentially "they don't work, they might be for future use, but haven't yet been implemented yet" and I believe @Michel Kohanim has "liked" at least one of those past post, perhaps indicating he agrees.   But on the other hand maybe it's one of those bugs that some people think is getting fixed but no one in development actually realizes exists. 

Or perhaps @bambamf16 is referring to the "User" tab of the portal, where sub-accounts are created.  That doesn't seem likely tho because the list of Currently assigned users, shows on the Users tab, the same place they are added.

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