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UI (4.7.5 and UI 4.6.2)


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Thanks, Michel. You could not possibly recall, but when I downloaded 4.7.5 the UI did not match on my two ISYs. You told me not to download 4.7.5 to the Wolf Creek ISY until I was at that location. Three eye surgeries and COVID have kept me away for almost a year. Version 4.7.5 is now in place. Do you feel that when I next update both will match? By the way, the Chesapeake ISY did not show up in the Launcher at Wolf Creek. I had to get the UI from the Portal and add that back to the Launcher. Chesapeake now shows up. I am anxious to take the big leap to 5 as long as these problems are arising.

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1 hour ago, smokegrub said:

I wen t to https://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=Main_Page#Installing_the_Admin_Console_Icon_on_Your_Desktop and I don't see where/ho I am to resolve the disparity between UI 4.7.5 and Firmware 4.6.2. I must be missing something.


Please select the link I highlighted in red.

Once this small applet has downloaded and installed it will provide you with the *Universal* Admin Console. Essentially this will download and install the correct Admin Console U.I. on to your desktop. Please keep in mind 4.7.5 was provided to resolve some security issues and thus even (IF) the UI shows 4.7.5 and the firmware is 4.7.3 this is OK.

At this juncture it makes little sense toying around with the 4.XX firmware branch since you're on 4.6.2 . . .

Please consider updating to the latest 5.0.16C RC (Release Candidate) for more features and security fixes: 


ISY Launcher Link.PNG

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