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I have two ISYs
The first is Chesapeake-last two letters in UID are 7f
The second is Wolf Creek-the last 2 leters in UID are a3
The profile for Chesapeake is XXXXXXXX@gmail.com
The profile for Wolf Creek is xxxxx@suddenlink.net
In the profile view if I switch my preferred ISY from Chesapeake (7f) to Wolf Creek (a3) the email address stays the same for both views.
The Users view was incorrect so I changed it to display the correct User Name and Preferred ISY.
In the Alexa Accounts both ISYs display the devices for 7f and ae merged. I have tried deleting and enabling the skill (ISY Optimized...) for each and the result is the same.
I believe the problem(s) are in the setup of the Portal.
Help will be appreciated.

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