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Ecolink PIR motion sensor battery level / devices

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I have several of the Ecolink Motion sensors, some are Zwave Plus, some are not.  They all work as they should and I've never had an issue.  However, I've never gotten them to reliably report battery status.  When the devices are first paired, I will see battery status, but after a few days, that status is gone and can't be Queried.

The new model is called PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO

I've upgraded to the 5.0.16C branch, and its the same problem again - battery status disappears. 

Also, weirdly, these sensors have a bunch more devices that get added that I never saw before:

Binary Sensor 1
Glass Break Alarm 1
Intrusion Alarm 1
Motion Sensor 1
Notify Sensor
Power Management 1
Tamper Alarm 1
Tamper Code Alarm 1

Is there a specific way these need to be added or handled in order to keep track of the battery, and what should I be doing with all of these extra devices that appear?  Does the glass-break-sensor actually do anything, for example?

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Both seem to be very common issues. For the extra devices, the best practice seems to be to create a folder and put all the "extra" devices in it to reduce clutter, I call mine "z-wave extras". I can only hope some day we can get reliable battery reporting.

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