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Garage Door Sensor gets out of sync


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I have two IOLinc's that I use to control my two garage doors. Everything works fine until I re-boot my ISY. I just did this a few days ago and when I push my garage door button the garage door go up about half way and stops. Sometimes it even goes up half way and then closes on it's on. If I unplug my IOLinc the garage door opener works fine. 

When my ISY re-booted it must have made my IOLinc out of sync. The only way I could fix it is to delete my IOLinc (GarageDoor-Sensor/GarageDoor-Relay) and to re-install. It then creates entries

1. GarageDoor-Sensor
2. GarageDoor-Relay

When I do that everything works fine. 

I am sure there is a better and much easier way of fixing this problem should it occur again. 

Thanks as usual for all your help.



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1 hour ago, Scud said:

What mode do you have your Relay in? My understanding is if you have Trigger Reverse selected it will be un-selected after a power outage or reboot.




Yeah and 3:00 AM queries also show up un-reversed and cause grief.

Need to write you own code or modify the standard published code to adapt insetad of using the reverse feature.

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