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Refresh values versus reload on AC variable tabs

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Not 100% certain, but best I can tell is the following:

Reload: seems to revert to last saved status

Refresh Values: refreshes variable values in case they have changed while you've been looking at the screen.


Somebody else that has used them should chime in, but I'd say based on what I see mentioned in the ISY HA Cookbook this would be accurate. 


Good luck & welcome to the forums.


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Thanks for the response.  I did actually search the Cookbook, but hadn't found anything very definitive.  Refresh does seem like it probably refers to a screen refresh.  My variables refresh in real time just fine with the tab open without having to push any buttons.  I'm wondering if this might be some legacy from when the AC was run from within a browser and required manual page refreshes.

I'm still a little puzzled about the intended use case for reload.  I can see that if I start changing a variable using the little pull-down menu (but don't hit enter, which would actually change the value) I can quickly revert to the previous value and close the pull-down menu by hitting the reload button.  Maybe that's all there is to it.

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