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Restore Modem but Not Enough Time!


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House hit by lightning, knocked out PLM. I've got over 90 Insteon switches & things throughout the house but I think all of these somehow survived, including my ISY994i. 3 TVs, 3 Sat receivers, 2 computers, etc., all dead. Now I'm getting around to replacing the PLM and restoring the universe to its previous self. I reset the ISY while the new PLM is connected, then chose "Restore Modem". I get a screen telling me to put my battery devices in programming mode prior to continuing. This is a problem. I have 4 motion sensors that require a ladder to get to and 3 ON/OFF sensors that also require a ladder. These devices only stay in programming mode for around 3 minutes and that's not near enough time for me to set them all up. Question is, can I proceed without these devices in prog mode, then come back after the rest of the system is done and set each one up individually? If so....how?

Appreciate any help you can offer.

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Answer is yes - it will write the proper links to the PLM even without the battery devices in program mode. You then have to restore each of the battery devices individually. I usually go around and take all mine down, bring them into my office, and go through the restore one-by-one. I take that opportunity to replace the batteries as well. Then go put them all back up.

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