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using Sonos polygot in an ISY program


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I know this should be easy, but for some reason its not working.


I can control the sonos (play, pause, volume, etc) on UD mobile and directly in the ADMIN dashboard.


However, when I try to link the node to a program it doesn't work.  I've tried both pressing the keypad button and running IF THEN...and nothing works.


Any suggestions?



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Just an idea.

I use a Volimo Primo for streaming, it's similar to the Sonos and unless I have a play list loaded either via the web interface or my phone, Just sending a play command isn't enough information for the player to start. I'm not familiar with the Sonos system so I don't know if the NS allows you send a playlist selection command first. Something to try.


Also as i recall there are two different Sonos NS's one in the local NS store and another in the https://polyglot.isy.io store. You might try the other one and see if you get different results.

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42 minutes ago, Envirogreen said:

I can now stop/start, but then I'lll loose the status. 

Not sure what you mean by this.


Also, I don't seem to be able to change the volume.

I recreated your volume programs and they worked for me, so I don't have anything to suggest.  Realize the Fade Up only works from an Off state.

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