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what would make a light go off and then on again?


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I have a light that is will be on and when the motion sensor is triggered, it will go off and then go back on again.


I've looked for which programs that turn the light on with motion are triggering this and can't figure it out. When I run these "on" programs (from the "program summary" tab) the lights don't go off first, so something else must be turning them off or some kind of an error is occuring.


any troubleshooting ideas?


is there any way to look through all of my programs to see if there is a mistake that is using the motion sensor "on" signal and turning the lights off?


any other ideas? the WAF is going out the window each time this happens.





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No easy answer here.


When something like this happens, use the "Last Run" time field in the program status tab. Sort by last run time and look for every program that just ran. If you cannot catch it, also use the log. Look at every event that happened around the time of the "error"


I do not have a foolproof troubleshooting method here. It can be tedious and time consuming.


If all else fails, pull the motion detector down, start disabling whole groups of programs, and manually triggering the MD. See which one or combination of programs cause the problem.

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