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TimeData Shows Autumn in Winter?


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Winter Started at 3:59pm on Dec 21.   Its now 1:48 pm on Dec 22.  So it has not been 24 hours but actually its winter.

My guess it will change for tomorrow but I would like today to be counted too as winter since it is winter since 4pm yesterday.

See screenshot from just now.  You can see the date in there.


Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 1.49.24 PM.png

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I checked again after midnight last night (sorry I meant to check sooner) and it said WINTER now.

It either changed 24 hours later (3:59 pm yesterday) or it waits a full day before changing and changed today (Dec 23) after midnight.

Its ok if there is a reason.  I can always adjust my programs for this.

*** I did notice the same thing last season change and thought it was just a one time issue but every season seems to wait a day before changing.

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