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Mapped Values Logic for Configure Colors Uses Device State, Not the Entered Status


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I'm using UD Mobile on an iPad running iOS 15.1 that is connected to a ISY-994 Pro running 5.0.16 firmware (can't upgrade because I'm waiting for my 500 Series Z-Wave board).

I'm seeing a strange issue when I try to use Mapped Values Logic to Configure Colors for a Z-Wave lock in my Favorites. I will set the logic to use a state like "Locked" but when I save the app changes the state in the logic to whoever the state of the device is at the current time and not the value I entered. I've added a few screenshots of this below that show what I'm saving and the resulting colour logic immediately after (the lock in question is unlocked as I do this). If I lock the device, then the Mapped Values logic changes.






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Hi @PLCGuy,

Thanks for reporting. Values appear to be saved correctly but displayed incorrectly in list and are reset during edit.  Issue affects both Android and iOS.  GitHub issue created.


Edit: Appears to be limited to UOM Action Values, however if one icon is defined and the current status matches a defined icon, then all icons in list will show defined icon instead of default.

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