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Strange scene behavior


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So I was going through my scenes today to tweak them now that I've got most of them setup and noticed this odd behavior.

It seems that depending on which controller or responder I click on in a scene it shows different values for the other responders/controller than what they are really set at.

Each time I click on the responders the "On Level" and "Ramp Rate" changes to something different.

I have not changed these from the factory settings.






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Hi Zick -


Each controller in a scene can hold different values for each responder, so what you're showing may be 100% normal except you said they are not the actual values.


Some of the values show as max ramp rate, which is sometimes indicative of a failed query on that device.


Could you try querying each device in the scene, see if you get any errors, and see if the incorrect values go away?

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I did a query on the whole system and also again on each individual device and the settings still show like they did before and I did not get any errors except that the 10.A4.73.B did not show the typical "System Busy" Query window like the others.


The On Levels is what really confuses me. Using the same scene as an example, I have the scene turned off right now. But when I click on the scene "Kitchen Main Lights" it shows each controller with a On Level of "100%"

Then when I click on the first controller "10.A4.73.B", now the controller shows a On Level of 0%. But if I click on that controller the On Level goes back up to 100%.


I guess I don't understand why it does that.

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On Levels and Ramp Rates are independently set on each controller. When you click on a controller in the scene, you are viewing the levels for each responder in that scene when controlled by the selected controller.


It's normal that the sliders may be different when you click on different controllers on a scene, because you may want them set differently.


When the scene itself is selected, you are viewing the settings for when the scene is controlled from the ISY itself.


When selecting a controller in a scene, the On Level sliders are not showing the current status of the lights - it's showing you what the status WILL be when the controller switch is pressed.


Does this make sense?


Of course, if they are not set how you intend, go ahead and adjust them as needed.

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I think I understand it a little better now. :oops:


I guess I'm just surprised why some were set to 0% On Level and some aren't when I never set those rates. I just assumed they would all be at 100%. Everything still has the default settings.



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