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Weatherflow Nodeserver stops working on Polisy v2 after Polisy v3 added


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I was using "WeatherFlow" nodeserver and it was working beautifully inside of Polisy v2.  I then used the instructions that i found in the forum to add Polisy version 3 to my Polisy.  I'm not sure if it is a coincidence, but now when I look inside Polisy v2, the data is stuck (does not update).  

of note, I see that I could buy the same "Weatherflow" nodeserver inside of Polisy v3 but there is no "buy" button available there, probably because I already "own" it in Polisy v2.

Any suggestions or solutions to gettinvg my "Weatherflow" nodeserver up and running?  I'm happy to pay the $10, by the way.

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It was probably a coincidence since one shouldn't have any effect on the other.

First step is to always check the logs.  The node server log will have the info needed to know what the next step is.  Typically, if a node server stops reporting data, it is because something failed and the log will tell us what it was that failed.  If it is something in the node server, the developer will need that info to help find and fix the problem. If it is with the service or device then you'll know where to look next. 

In many cases, simply restarting the node server will get things working again.   So that's the second step.  If restarting the node server doesn't have any effect someone will need to know what the log is reporting.

You must have, and be logged into your UDI Portal account to purchase node servers for PG3. Click the button at the top of the store page that says "Log into Portal".   Your Portal account will contain the information on what node servers you've purchased. 

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I figured out that somehow, when I installed Polisy V3 onto my unit, it logged Polisy V2 out of my ISY.  I don't know how it happened but when I fixed my username and password, it fixed the Weatherflow nodeserver and now the data flows nicely from the Polisy V2 Weatherflow nodeserver into the ISY.  problem solved.  Thank you and sorry for crying wolf.  

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