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How to link buttons on a 2486D 8 - Button Keypad Dimmer


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I'm new to using the ISY 99i and have been struggling with the Linking to a keypad dimmer. I can add links from the keypad, and I can see using the Link Management menu I can add a keypad. I was wondering if there i a method to select a single button and add and remove links to that button from the web interface?


I have read many of the post but nothing I found address this situation, if I missed it I apologize.


Firmware 2.7.6

Platform iMac running Snow Leopard





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Hello mrohde,


A KeypadLinc should have each button available as a separate node when linked to the ISY. If you are not seeing all the buttons then you will have to remove and re-add the device to the ISY while selecting the correct Device Type.


Please see this post: Unsupported Devices.


Select device category 01.09 for a 6 button KPL, 01.0C for an 8 button device.



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