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Nodeservers not reconnecting after ISY on Policy reboot


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This happens with both PG2 and PG3 Nodeservers.

If I reboot the ISY on Polisy, the PG2 and PG3 still show connected but the nodes on ISY do not show any information.

Manually restarting the nodeserver after reboot ISY on Polisy makes it reconnect.


Pic after reboot ISY on Polisy


Wait approx 10 min and still blank, PG3 still shows connected


A few moments after pressing Restart and ISY on Polisy is updating


This also happens on PG2

Issue is when I reboot entire Polisy, it does not sync up and I have to go into PG2/PG3 and restart.

Currenty using ISY on Polisy 5.3.0

I just moved my Ecobee to PG3 thinking was limited to PG2 and wouldn't care as much since PG2 is old, but PG3 is same issue.

Anyone else have this problem?



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More information is needed to really understand what is happening.

When the ISY starts (after a reboot) it doesn't query the nodes for updated status.   So it may simply be waiting for the next update to happen.  Depending on the node server, that could be a while.

What other nodes servers, besides ecobee are you running?

Are there any errors showing up in the PG2 or PG3 log while you've waited for the ISY to get status updates?

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The only other nodeserver I am running is EnvisaLink-DSC and that is still on PG2.

I have left it all sit for over an hour after ISY on Polisy restart and does not sync up/connect (meaning I do not see any updates on ISY) - the only way is if I manually restart the nodeserver in PG2 or PG3. I am sure updates are happening in-between this time eg. a motion sensor from my DSC alarm would send an update.

The Nodeserver online status in ISY is also blank in Ecobee controller, and Alarm Panel nodes (respective of each nodeserver), until I restart from the PG2/PG3.

I do not see any obvious errors in the logs but not really sure what I am looking for.



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Here is a followup screenshot, I just restarted ISY on Polisy and this is only thing I seen around 21:21 when I restarted it.



After 10 min ISY still shows this on Alarm Panel node from Envisalink-DSC... normally would show Connected. It is the same with Ecobee. It does not show NodeServer Online etc.



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