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Successful Conversion PG2- PG3


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@JimboAutomates Jim, had success with the above !  yeah!

-After taking screen shots of all the configurations in PG2 and noting the slot number, I deleted the NS on PG2. 

-took a little while for the slot to "free up"

-Installed on PG3 choosing same slot that PG2 used,

-Added back all the configs manually and by copy/paste of all the User Keys and Application keys from the Pushover website.

-Had to restart it a few times for all the settings to take place and show in Admin Console, which I also had to restart a few times.


RESULT: All notification s  in programs are there w/o errors!!  whew..

Only thing that needs fixing is the choice of On or Off message. They all defaulted to on / off. 


Good job Jim!  

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