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Dual relay shows only 1 channel


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Qubino Flash 2 Relay has 2 independently controlled relays.  I like the potential of this device, as it has configurable parameters that allow each relay to turn on/off for a fairly-precise duration.  One relay can be set to turn on for about 3.5 seconds, which drives a single 2-wire input on my living room LED lighting strip to reach a certain brightness level.  The other relay can be set to under 0.5 second (simulate momentary), which should turn the LED lights off.

When putting ISY into "add Zwave Device" mode, I plug in the device and it automatically recognizes the device and adds 2 items to my device list on the ISY Admin panel.  (See screenshots)

But it is missing creation of a switch definition for the 2nd relay.

The On/Off buttons for the 1st switch in ISY works AOK, altho it turns both relays on and off.

The parameters for each relay can be set for a ON time duration, and this works AOK also.

I have tried remove and add this device multiple times, with no change.

The device is Qubino Z-Wave Plus Flush 2 Relay Module ZMNHBD3

I have the Zwave 500 board installed and v5.3.4 on my ISY 994i  and I have other Z-Wave devices AOK.

How does Z-wave work when establishing a device?  Does the device itself communicate about the individual entities to create, or does our ISY ZWave interpret what type of device is being connected and ISY creates its own set of defined devices?

Any thoughts on how I can diagnose this problem?  (attached is a log for creation time plus an On/Off action)




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I was able to do a permanent workaround to this.  I took Relay 2 out of the circuit wiring (not used).

I am able to set an appropriate Zwave parameter for Relay 1 (on duration) to 20ms, and set this parameter in the relay just before sending an ON command to the device.  The living room LED light turns off completely.

Whenever I want to turn the LED light on, I set the same Zwave parameter for Relay 1 (on duration) to 500ms and then send an ON command to the device.  This duration sets the variable brightness to the desired brightness. 

So, two relays are not needed... simply repurpose the single relay to do 2 different jobs.


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