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Lamplinc in scene, missed signals


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I've got a lamplinc in a scene where it's called to turn on to 50%. When I press the keypadlinc button controlling the scene, all the switchlinc responders do their job, but the lamplinc hesitates. After pressing the same button 2 or 3 more times eventually the lamplinc responds.


I've got a pair of access points, one is positioned in the same room as the PLM and ISY. The other is on the same floor of the house and one room away from the lamplinc in question.


Anyone else had issues with missed signals for lamplincs? All the switchlincs respond great, just the lamplinc has issues. :roll:


Any help is appreciated.

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Typically this is a communication issue between the KPL and the LampLinc. What kind of a bulb is in this lamp? Anything else close to the lamp on its circuit that could be absorbing INSTEON signals? Maybe a surge strip plugged in to the same outlet as the LampLinc?


Try unplugging things on the same circuit as the lamp/LampLinc to see if reliability improves.


Keep in mind that physical location between devices does not matter in most cases because most devices are not RF. You could have 2 adjacent outlets 4 feet apart that are on completely different circuits.

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