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Switchlincs V.35


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I have 7 Switchlincs V.35. All 7 are relays. Is there a difference if its a relay or dimmer? Four of the Switchlinks are causing intermittent communication problems. Three Switchlins seem stable. Would you recommend replacing all seven? Also, how probable they would cause communication problems on other devices on the same leg but not linked to the Switchlinks?


Thanks wacvmd

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I just replaced 8 Switchlinc relays due to paddle problems and I see the new ones are all v35. What exactly is the issue with this rev and how can I test to see if mine have the problem? Am I going to have to swap these all out again?


Where do you find the v35. I am having problems after installing a new KPL, and wondering if it might be the problem.

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You do not have to change these devices unless:

1. You have intermittent communication problems. Especially, if you have two devices in the same gangbox, one of which is SWL35, and the other is not. SWL 35 responds intermittently while the other one does not

2. Progressive worsening of overall communications amongst all devices


If you do not have these issues, I wouldn't worry about it. Again, these problems only affected a small batch and the newer SWLs (even though v35) do not exhibit these issues.




Please note that this is isolated to SwitchLinc (not KPL) v. 35. So, if you are having issues with your KPL, then I do not think we are talking about the same problem.


Now, to figure out the version number, in the Admin Console click on a device, you will see the Address, the Type, and the Version number at top center of the screen.


With kind regards,


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