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"wait" command


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I am trying to program lights to come on for two minutes when a program is activated, then turn off. The "then" section looks like this:


Set lights on

wait 2 minutes

Set lights off


What happens is that the lights flash, then turn off. Obviously, my command is wrong. What is the correct command to activate an instruction for a finite amount of time?


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Thanks for getting back. The "If, Then" commands go like this:



Status "Keypad A-F2 Vacation Flag" is on



Set Kitchen Light on

Wait 2 minutes

Set Kitchen light off





Having the kitchen lights turn on is a confirmation that all programs associated with F2 are activated.

When I activate (turn on) keypad A, the kitchen lights flash and have stayed on for as long as 2 seconds, then go off. Should I insert an "kitchen lights on/off" in the Else section?

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I am wondering, like TS99, if your "keypad A-F2" is in a scene with your kitchen lights. I am also wondering if you would be better served if you use "control" for your condition, rather than "status".


A remote (in my mind) possibility is communication problems. Though I don't think I have seen this, I wonder if some devices flash their load if experiencing comm problems. I know that the keypad lights do.

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That was it. I checked the other programs within the F2Vacation Flag and found that the kitchen light program had a "kitchen lights off" in the "Else" section. When I removed the "Else" off command and activated the F2 program, the lights came on and stayed on for the specified time.


Thanks for your help. I would not have thought to look there.


oberkc-thanks for chipping in. I is very nice to have capable help to solve, for me, a difficult problem.

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