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A customer asked me a question that I don't have the answer...


He said that Charter changes his router IP address from time to time. He feels that it will mess up remote access to the ISY. I was thinking that it didn't matter if the Charter modem IP address changed.


Whats the right answer???

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He is correct.


I'm assuming charter is his ISP. If he's on a connection where his IP changes then he will not be able to access his machine from remote without knowing what it changed to.


The easiest way around this is using dynamic IP. There are many of them out there - like dynip.com. You install a small software app on your PC and when your IP changes it informs their company. You would access your machine using the URL you get from them like say MyISY.dynip.com


MyISY.dynip.com (the myisy part is something you make up yourself) will resolve to the IP of the PC and the software agent on the PC keeps that IP up to date.


Google dynamic IP and you'lll soon see what it's all about.

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