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Repointing node servers to a new ISY

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I read the instructions to migrate from the 994 to Polisy.  What I am not see is how to "repoint" the existing PG3 node servers from the 994 ISY to the Polisy IoP.  I currently have both my 994 ISY and Polisy IoP configured as ISYs in PG3.  I only have node servers installed for the 994 ISY, however.

When the time comes to migrate, do I just delete the Polisy IoP from PG3 and then update entry for the 994 ISY with the local host IP and port 8080, so it points to the Polisy IoP? (After I restore the 994 ISY backup to the Polisy IoP.)  Will the UUID shown in PG3 automatically update?

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PG3 was never designed to allow any type of migration of node servers.

When it installs a node server it configures the node server on the ISY to point back to itself and it stores information about the node server in it's database keyed on the ISY UUID. 

When you migrate from ISY to IoP, the IoP should end up with the node servers installed.  But PG3 won't have any knowledge about them since it's database won't have any node servers that use the IoP UUID as the key.  Thus, when you switch PG3 to use IoP as the selected ISY, all the node server's will show as unmanaged.  In theory, you may be able to change all the database records to use the new IoP UUID but given that it's a key field, I'm not sure it will allow that.

You can do a re-install of the node servers which will create new database entries for them without having to delete them from the IoP, thus all programming, etc. on the IoP that use the nodes will be preserved.  However, you will have to re-configure the node servers in PG3 so make sure you document their configuration before you do anything.   Also, it would be a good idea to backup PG3 just in case you need to go back and look at something.  I believe that the following steps should work:

1. Select the IoP as the currently selected ISY in the ISYs menu on PG3.

2. Look up each node server in the node server store and use the "Install" button to re-install it.

3. The install dialog should have a option to re-install to the slot where it is currently listed as unmanaged. Select the re-install.

4. Re-configure the node server and everything should be working as it was before the migration.

With your current setup with PG3 configured to talk to both the ISY and the IoP, you can switch it between the two to compare configurations.  So I would recommend that you keep it like that and not rewrite the ISY IP/port with the IoP IP/port.  Once everything is working with IoP, then you can simply delete the ISY configuration from PG3.  

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4 hours ago, ISY4Me said:

@bpwwer Is it safe to assume that these recommendations of moving PG3 all apply if moving from Polisy to a fresh installation in EISY?

There isn't a migration path from Polisy to eisy yet.   I'm working on it.

Given the number of bugs in PG3x 3.1.16, I can't recommend even trying to use at all at this point. 

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