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Isy themes on Alexa


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Hi All

I'm not sure I'm remembering correctly, but I've always thought Alexa was able to turn on and off isy themes when added through the Alexa interface.

Suddenly one of my main themes is no longer working via Alexa commands.

I could easily fix it up using 2 routines for on and off, but wanted to be sure I wasn';t remembering incorrectly.

Thanks for any thoughts anyone can offer.


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On 12/2/2022 at 8:10 PM, Geddy said:

What are ISY Themes? 

Sorry I miss spoke on the “Themes” reference. I meant ISY scenes. 
And to your question regarding Alexa and other ISY scenes, I am able to successfully control other scenes via Alexa with on off commands. 
Thanks very much for the insight and suggestions.


Thanks very much for the insight and suggestions.



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