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Open/Close doesn't seem to "close" - but it does "shut" - is that intended?


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I'm setting up a number of new controls around the house and finally getting my new house setup with Google Home integration through the ISY Portal.

I have some programs that are setup to open and close things and they are using the "Device with Open/Close Syntax" option.  Rationally, this would mean the open would execute the "then" of a program and the close would execute the "else".

The problem - Google understand "Open the Pod Bay Door", but does not understand "Close the Pod Bay Door".  However, it does understand "Shut the Pod Bay Door".  It would be great if you could use either Shut or Close, but if the system is setup with the Open/Close Syntax, shouldn't it use Open/Close instead of Open/Shut?

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It sounds like it might be a context issue with Google Home itself. Do any open/close devices work properly or are they all doing this?

I use Alexa so can't help on the Google Home side, but I've made routines that in Alexa where I can say "close the shades" and it's actually turning off shades. 

Might be something that @bmercier would have knowledge of if the "close" command is available in Google Home context. 

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