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Unable to upgrade PG3 from 3.1.15

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@bpwwer, Couple of weeks ago I updated IoP by AC>Configuration>Upgrade Packages. After it was complete IoP reported it updated to v5.4.5

I read this morning PG3 had been upgraded so I performed the same procedure as last time. Waited an hour, rebooted PG3 but it did not update.

We used to be able to ssh in and upgrade PG3 but have not done that as I am not sure it would be the right thing to do.

I am not sure what to do next and I didn't know what logs you might need. Looking for suggestions for the next step please.



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@TJF1960I'm not able to really debug issues with upgrades.  I just make the new PG3 packages available.  I know there has been a lot of issues with the upgrade process.  Both of my Polisy's hung while trying to update and required manual intervention to get them working. 

I had to ssh into the Polisy and run 'sudo pkg install -r udi pkg' as reported elsewhere and that seemed to get it unstuck and it then finished the update.  There may be a more official fix, but I'm not aware of it at this time.

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