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Insteon Dimmer Keypad – Scene works from other controllers and mobile but not locally


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I’m puzzled. I’ve set up a scene on a 6 button dimmer keypad and the load doesn’t activate from the same keypad.

For example, scene C is to turn on all basement lights. The scene is setup with button C as a controller with a couple other keypads also set as controllers (multi-way switching).

Scene C (turn all basement lights) works with the mobile app, via voice command on Alexa, and other controllers in the scene – however – if you activate scene A from the keypad which directly controls the load / light, that light doesn’t turn on / off with the rest of the scene's lights.

I believe I’ve done everything the same as I’ve done for scenes in the past. I’ve done a restore on the PLM and on the keypad device. I’ve put in a new dimmer keypad. I’ve re-created each scene. I still can’t get the light (the primary Rec Rm 4D.3D.6B.1 load) to light up when pressing the Scene C button ((Rec Rm 4D.3D.6B.C) on the same keypad. All keypad buttons are set to Toggle mode.

What might I be missing or should I try next? I’m stumped at this point.

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Changed scene from A to C and provide full switch and ID number
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@Techman The non-toggle position didn't seem to change anything.

For the scene, clicking on the name of the scene to view each responder using "Light" as the name of the switch:

Light.1 is 100% in .1 seconds (this is the load on the same keypad as button A)

Light.A (the scene button) is "Insteon" (rather than command or default) and On Level is "On"

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@Techman The red wire is connected to the load which is 4 Halo Can Lights with Philips BR30 100W / 15W LED bulbs (which work flawlessly for dimming on all other bulbs in the area). 

The light / load does turn on and off directly from the keypad switch. Importantly, the scene using this switch's load properly activates turning on the 4 Halo Can lights from the other Keypads in the scene as well as the UD Mobile app.

To me, the scene is correctly set-up which is why I don't understand why the lights / load from the scene won't activate from the "A" keypad button directly on the switch and only from other devices.

I've attached relevant screenshots to help.

RecRm Scene3.png

RecRm Scene2.png

RecRm Scene1.png

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@BamBamF16 I don't know if this is what you're looking for but I attached a photo of a scene with button C (Rec Rm 4D.3D.6B.C) which controls all our basement lights. It is a multi-way setup as shown with the other controllers in red which all activate the main load (4D.3D.6B.1) from the dimmer keypad.

RecRm Scene4.png

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@zorax2 I'd try defaulting the 6-button keypad and do a restore device again. It's important to actually default the 6-button. Pull the air gap, and then wait a minute, finally press in the air gap and hold it until the switch beeps, about 5 seconds. If that doesn't clear it up, I'd default all the linked devices and redo the scene from scratch. I suspect you have a bit not set or incorrectly set and a clear should fix it.

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@zorax2 the pictured scene has 5 Controllers the ISY itself which is what you are showing in your screenshot.  You have the root of the scene selected in the left column. image.png.05e1ab07cc8cb5937c720ddfaf6084e1.png

As @BamBamF16 mentions move what is selected in the LEFT column to image.png.e75e9ba9cf2c11fd13089530af544c90.png then screenshot the scene again.

The jist is this.... the scene can behave differently based on which CONTROLLER (red nodes) activated the scene.  Example that's easier to digest than your scene: Enter the kitchen on one end and press ON on a scene controller and the scene is set one way, however enter the kitchen on the other end and press a different controller ON and the scene behaves differently.  It's a powerful feature, but hard to figure out the first time you encounter it.


Edit to add: Mobile and ISY programs and admin console control the scene as programed at the root level.

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Just to follow up, I checked with Michel and, as @kzboray had mentioned, there was some type of corruption that followed from the old switch to the new switch. Given only a few scenes were involved, I removed that keypad from each scene, did a full factory reset and then re-added the keys back to the individual scenes.

I had never had that happen previously. In hindsight, given the limited number of scenes involved, I should have simply followed that process earlier as part of my troubleshooting.

Thank you all ( @kzboray @MrBill and @BamBamF16 for your assistance, It was incredibly kind of each of you to help and I learned some new things along the way!

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