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I/O link 2450 Can't find Engine?


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After migrating to eisy from the ISY, I am down to two issues. One is my gate bell/controller.  I use an I/O linc 2450 as both a contact closure for my gate relay.  I can press a button and the relay opens.  It is also used for a door bell trigger.  When someone presses the door bell button on the keypad it closes the input contact and triggers a program to make the siren make a loud chime.  

The eisy could not communicate with the I/O linc so I did as I did with the MS II sensors, and deleted it, then tried to re link it.  When trying to re-link the first try couldn't find the device, second and third found it just fine but "couldn't determine insteon engine".  so for now no visitors I guess.

Any one else find a way for eisy to work with a 2450.

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The 2450 I/OLinc is a power line only communications device.

Are you using a 2413U USB PLM or the old 2413S PLM with a USB to serial adapter? One thought is there is a different power line command sensitivity and the USB is slightly less sensitive.

Another thought is the eisy's power supply has a capacitor across the power lines to stop internal electronic noise from getting back on the power lines. That the ISY994's supply didn't have. If the eisy and PLM are both on the same power feed. It maybe possible the supply is absorbing the power line signals.

Depending on the revision of the 2450. If it is an I1 communications. It takes 8 peek poke messages to do one link in its database.

If you have a dual band module to test with. You could try putting it in the front pass through outlet on the 2450 and see if anything changes. That may give you a clue to what maybe happening.

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@Brian H, Thanks.  I didn't think about mesh v wireline only modes.  I will look at that tomorrow.  For the short term I just deleted it because it was doing odd things.  The PLM is the Serial with USB to serial adapter and the PLM and eisy are on the a phase with the 2450 on the b phase.  I have a repeater about half way between as the crow flies.  One of the many things that went stupid when i upgraded from ISY to eisy.

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