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Thermostat State Not in Agreement between summary page and device page


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I have a bunch of Venstar thermostats with Insteon attachment at my church.  I have noticed an issue where the HVAC unit will be in one state (ie cooling) and it will say it is cooling when you look at the device in the admin console.  But when you click on the folder and see the page that lists everything in the folder, on that page it will say the unit is off.  In addition, programs that should be running when the device is cooling will not be running.  If I shut the unit down, then turn it back on, it will then be correct.  This is sporadic and happens across the board on different units seemingly randomly.  Below are the pages I am referring to.  Now at this time, the pages are in agreement, but a few minutes ago they weren't.  I had to shut the unit down for a minute and turn it back on, now they agree.  Prior to that, the summary page showed "off" as the cool control current state for unit "upstairs south".  But the device page showed "cooling" in the heating/cooling box.  And indeed, the unit was cooling.  Are there different nodes for these things even though they seem to be the same node?  I have noticed that sometimes the "control on" command is a missed com to the PLM, and because of that, I have ISY set to run queries of the units every 15 minutes which corrects the device specific page to say "cooling" or "idle", but it does not correct the summary page and it does not cause programs that look for the state of the unit to run.

Here is my summary page:


Here is my device page


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Seems I answered my own question.  Indeed, there is a separate node for heat/cool state that is not listed on the summary page.  It is found in programs under status/thermostat name (just the name, not cool ctl or heat ctl which even though they are control functions still have a "state" which is always the last control command received by ISY and can not be corrected via a query).  

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