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Web based graphical user interface

Andy P

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As a background, I am a former user of Indigo as a controller for Insteon tech going back many years. Started converting to UDI about 5 years ago and have since dropped Indigo entirely. However, I have not found anything that works with UDI/EISY that comes close to the web graphical interface capabilities that Indigo has/had.

First of all, am I missing something? I know about HA and Mobilinc and a bunch of those, but didn't find what I wanted. Minimal overhead, using local apis and no cloud.

So, I pulled out the UDI REST programming manual and put together a simple websockets HTML/Javascript front end that looks a lot like what I had in Indigo. Here are a couple screen shots of pieces of the screen. Interface is to EISY/Polyglot and a couple node servers for MyQ and TotalConnect

Anyone else out there doing something similar?






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Yes, but mine is more text than graphical. I just use font sizing to make it "pretty".  I display things like:

  • inside temp/humidity/HVAC mode
  • outside temp/humidity/rain
  • solar production/use
  • whole house audio settings
  • weather forecasts

Most of that comes from node servers with the exception of the HVAC info which is Insteon based.

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Just wanted to share a couple updates. This includes how I am showing the 24 hour cycle of lights on and off and when there is motion. The circle around the device with gray and yellow for lights on and off. Red circle with spokes for motion. The green dot is the current time.

Also showing when certain scheduled actions will occur and how long until that happens. The gray pie is a 24 hour clock and when it is within one hour it switches to the green pie. There is also a gant style timeline of the log and a pop up when you hover the mouse to get the controls and access to the log entries for that device.

I am doing all this with simple javascript using the response from the rest api.

Love to have any suggestions or ideas from the community!


Screenshot 2023-12-01 063556.png

Screenshot 2023-12-01 063220.png

Screenshot 2023-12-01 063152.png

Screenshot 2023-12-01 063110.png

Screenshot 2023-12-01 063929.png

Screenshot 2023-12-01 064141.png

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It was more text based, but I used to use the Home Automation Dashboard (HAD). I used it more for reporting status but it also did control. I hosted the pages on my ISY 994i at the time.

I just took a look and the pinned posts that explained its used are not there, suggesting maybe it was depreciated. It had a rich set of capability with the ISY while being 100% html driven

My guess is that while it may not be supported,  the capability is probably not taken away. You may want to scroll through that sub forum and see what you find.

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