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New Device Support Requests


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The initial version of the node server (v3.0.4) supports the following devices:

  • Martin Jerry (MJ) MJ-S01 Switch (Switch)
  • MJ Plug V by MJ (Plug-in Module)
  • MJ US-SD-TC01 (Dimmer)
  • MJ US-FC-01 (Fan Controller)
  • MJ US-SS01 Switch (Switch)
  • MJ US-SS02 Switch (Humidity Switch)
  • Shelly 1 (Switch)

Device support is determined by the module name the device reports in the Tasmota discovery payload. You will see in the installation instructions and release notes that the configuration includes, in some cases, changing the module name in the template in order for the node server to distinguish particular device types during discovery. This is necessary because, while Tasmota abstracts out much of the device particulars, there are still some things that manufacturers like Martin Jerry will implement that make their device operate in a unique fashion.

All that said, adding support for additional Tasmota devices, whether pre-flashed or flashed by the owner, may be trivial given the type of device it is (e.g., Switch, Plug-in Module, Dimmer, Fan Controller, etc.). If I can be provided remote access to the built-in web user interface of the device to peruse around in, I can probably include initial support for it in a new version of the node server without having to have one here locally to test with. So let me know what devices people would like to see added here and I will see what I can do.

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There was one request for Sonoff MINIR2. It looks similar in functionality and size to the Shelly 1, except much easier to wire (meaning less Wago connectors and more space in the J-box). Only 10 amp limit though, so if you are putting it into a standard 15A circuit in the U.S., it can't carry the max amperage load of the entire circuit (although especially with LED lighting, I doubt you would ever have more than 10A on you circuit). Also looks like it supports flashing of Tasmota OTA, instead of having to hook it up to your PC through a USB-to-TTL adapter like with the Shelly 1. 

As far as support in the node server, while it has a different template from the Shelly 1, I think you could get basic "Switch" module functionality (i.e., ON and OFF) functionality for it with the existing code. So I will add it to the list of supported devices in the next version and someone can test it for me.

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How about the Seeed Studios Human Detection Sensor Kit?


I have got all the info i will post later of how i got tasmota on it, and all the info needed to make it work to this point. including the template that works, and the modified Berry Driver.

I am monitoring it in MQTT Explorer and its working great so far, just no way at the moment to get that info into my Polisy.

EVERYONE is wanting to do Human Detection. and so far i am very impressed by this unit.


first get the kit.

plug it in and load Tasmota on it.

set WIFI setting as needed.

goto Configuration/Other and set template to this :

{"NAME":"Human Detection Sensor Kit","GPIO":[0,0,0,0,3232,3200,640,608,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":1}

and check Activate template

set up your MQTT stuff....

now, with this unit you will get a few new consoles/menu items. it really nice stuff!

One is to Manage File System, click it and upload the attached files :



autoexec.be r24d.be


once that is done, and you have everything named as you want, go back to main menu and restart.

you should see something like this :


Screenshot 2023-11-21 091710.png


And here is what i get in MQTT Explorer :


Screenshot 2023-11-21 092007.png


one last thing is to go to Console and type the command :

TelePeriod 10 and hit ENTER


This should be everything to get an actual Human Presence sensor going and ready to talk to ISY..

just need the nodeserver to middle man the crap out of it.


for those that are more program savvy, you can edit things in the r24d.be file to make it better im sure. i just played with it till it did what i wanted.

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