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Geofencing and UD Mobile


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I have previously used geofencing with the occupancy node server.  I have used various programs as triggers for the location from the old UDI Moblle app (Discontinued) to 3rd party options.  In most cases it worked reasonably well but lately this has been hit and miss.

I saw this article https://www.universal-devices.com/geofence/ and set it up using the "new" UD Mobile app.  I noticed that using this method I cannot easily include the logic in programs from the admin console as it does not create nodes or servers that can be included in programs.

Did I miss something?  

Is it possible to add the function in UD Mobile act as a trigger for the Occupancy Node Server like you had it before?

How are other people incorporating geofencing in programs in a eisy/pg3 world?

Thanks in advance



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