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eISY cannot connect to USB PLM

Oakland Jeff

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Just had a power outage with my new eISY and USB PLM working for 6 months. After everything came back up, the admin console reports that it cannot connect to the PLM.

I powered everything off and waited about a minute. Plugged in the USB PLM to power. The green light came on instantly. Waited 30 seconds anyway. Then connected the USB cable to the off eISY, then powered up the eISY. Still cannnot connect.

When I click the Set button on the PLM, it does not beep. I thought it used to. When I hold the set button for a long time, nothing happens, just a silent solid green light. I thought it was supposed to go into linking mode and it was supposed beep or blink or something.

Any advice?

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The set button shouldn't do anything when it's pressed while the PLM is powered. If you remove the PLM from power, then hold down the set button while you plug the PLM back in, and continue to hold it down, the PLM will beep and do a factory reset. You need to keep the button pressed until the beeping stops.

At this point I wouldn't recommend factory resetting the PLM.

In the admin console, If you click on TOOLS, DIAGNOSTICS, PLM INFO STATUS, what does it show?


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A few things to try:

Plug the USB cable into a different port on the eisy.

Try a different USB cable.

Is the PLM plugged directly into an outlet and not a UPS or power strip? 

It's remotely possible that the PLM or eisy got damaged due to a powerline spike. Is the eisy plugged directly into an outlet?  





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Make sure the PLM is powered on first and fully booted.

So the eisy can find it when it boots up.

If it has failed and less than 2 years old. You might have a warranty claim.

What is the information on the white sticker show? It will give a clue to some things related to it.



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