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chamberlain kicks us to the curb


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Glad I have a dumb Chamberlain garage door opener. I bought/installed mine in 2009 before MyQ was even a thing.

I wired a magnetic door sensor on the door header to an Elk M1 input zone and a relay output soldered to the back of the Chamberlain wall mount controller push button contacts. IMHO, the Insteon garage door kit with the relay module is just too unreliable for anything safety and security related, not to mention the documented Insteon vulnerabilities.


I configured the Elk relay output as a momentary output and programmed an Elk keypad function key to toggle the relay and blink the illuminated function key when the door is open.


Both driveway and interior garage cameras allow me to confirm there are no humans/pets or obstructions in harms ways before remotely closing the door, e.g. after letting a contractor in.



I also use a MobiLinc HD geofence to open the door (if not already open) when I arrive 200m from my house and turn on the exterior lights. You can set ML to not update an ISY variable if the phone is locked to prevent someone who steals your phone from gaining access to the garage.

I never perform autonomous automatic closing of the garage door based on time of day or when leaving. Closing is always a manually initiated action performed by a human.

Although not stated in Chamberlain’s official statement, it would not surprise me to find out Chamberlain’s lawyers advised them to shutdown unauthorized access to their APIs because of potential liability when someone does something stupid which results in injury or death.


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