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Eco SmartSensor


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I'm looking at an ecobee stat. I want to monitor one door and window with a sensor to shut the AC down when either is left open, and also be aware of them being opened when traveling.

I know how to do this with Insteon wireless open/close sensors, my question is can I access the same information from ecobee smartsensor for doors and windows with this node server?

It would help to have screenshots of the AC for this plugin

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I don't use the Ecobee window/door sensors so I'm not sure how they would show up in the AC, but their temperature/occupancy Smartsensors do show up and can be accessed by IoX. The occupancy reporting takes a while and isn't suitable for lighting control, but adequate for a security related program.


Here's an Ecobee thermostat:


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2 hours ago, paulbates said:

@Hoosier Daddy  One more question. The comment that occupancy reporting takes a while, that suggests that the sensor network is managed by polling vs interrupt/signaling from the sensor?

That would be my assumption. A good question for the developer @Jimbo.Automates. The NS configuration shows parameters shortPoll set at 60 and longPoll at 180 (seconds?).

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7 hours ago, Hoosier Daddy said:

@paulbates, out of curiosity, why not use the Insteon sensors?

I'm on-the-line. The stories I've read here say that the ecobee can do a lot of functionality on its own with no programming. There's some appeal to that.

RIght now if I buy a refurb Ecobee, they offer 2 of their door sensors at a decent discount.  That's the next-to-top smart thermostat, a remote sensor and 2 entry sensors for south of $200... hard to say no.  At the same time, I am really comfortable with the insteons.



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