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Totally Confused


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Okay, here is what I have done.

1. Purchased the Webhook Node Server

2. Installed it and I can see it in my EISY system

3. I went to the Maker page in my IFTTT account and I have my API Key. Not sure what to do with it.

4. Tried to create a UBIBOT External Probe temperature value to create a trigger for my EISY but I am not sure what to do from this point. I can create the "IF" section so it will trigger when the temperature falls below my set amount but then what do I do for the "THEN" section so I will see it in the EISY.


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The Configuration Instructions which are shown on the configuration page describe what to do with your API Key.

For #4, can you give a little more detai what you are trying to do?  What is a UBIBOT External Probe?  Does that show temperatures on the IoX?  If you are trying to read that probes temperature from IFTTT, that is not currently supported as mentioned in the README -> Limitations

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