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Timed events…..


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Just curious, I have a bunch of timed events that are set to fire at 12:00am. They seem to work OK. Is it better not to have them fire at the same time? Does it matter? Is there a downside?  Thank you, Adam
There shouldn't be a problem. However, I like to offset times to 5 to 10 seconds later, because there may be a lot of processing going on at top of the hours inside ISY machines.

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I had a bunch that fired at the same time - like sunset - and would occasionally get devices that did not turn on or off as part of the mix, so I staggered the program triggers by a minute or so each and those problems mostly went away. You will also see advice in this forum from time to time to add 'delays' in programs when there are a large string of devices turning on and off. I have also used that technique to improve the reliability of some programs. Combining those two thoughts, if you still want to trigger the events at the same time, you could put various delays at the start of those events to achieve the stagger.

I suppose all of this might just be making up for less than ideal communication or interference in the home, but some of those intermittent problems are really hard to find.

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