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Version 1.0.3 available 

  • Added support for schedules.  My main use is to disable/enable schedules but one can also create schedules dynamically.   Schedules will run off-line so works if internet is down
  • Improved delay setup input - Both can be set in same operation as enabling them.  (I may remove the old version as it takes extra screen space, but it will require programs to be updated.  Delays also run off-line 
  • Added support for the new switch with 2 extra buttons and second programming of delays - make sure to update firmware.  Buttons works like the FOB/Remote - only tested YS5708
  • Added support for Alerts in power sensing outlets (trigger on high power, low power etc)
  • Added preliminary support for watermeter (there is no official API yet)
  • Fixed few bugs relating to on-line state
  • Moved to different MQTT method - seems to match closer what YoLink uses for counting API calls 
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Updated version to 1.1.0. 

Supports python 3.11 which  the next release of PG3x requires

Will still work on PG3 but not sure how long it is possible given PG3 runs older version of python.  It is suggested to upgrade to PG3x (testing will be on PG3x going forward)

No other changes introduced

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Hi... it's not clear on the order of next steps. Should I go head and upgrade the yolink plugin now, prior to the next PG3x release, even though the current PG3x release doesn't support python 3.11?

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