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eisy: Updating Z-Wave via .otz file


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eisy 5.7.1, ZMatter dongle, Aeotec TriSensor ZWA005 (f/w unknown)

I installed my TriSensor only for the light (lux) reading, and now see seven devices.  I wanted to update firmware and had the .otz file handy, but only the device named “Home Security Alarm” had the update option.  I tried it (despite the dire warnings).  It never succeeded (see attached log), but the TriSensor is still connected and reports lux level every 3 minutes.

So:  How do I read the f/w version number, and how do I update the firmware?!  Thanks in advance for any insight.

ISY-Event-Log.v5.7.1-Install TriSensor.txt

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