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SMTP server settings - something not working


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I have set up the SMTP setting for my local SMTP server they way I have with other applications, trying both the FQDN of the mailserver and the IP address.  My submission port is 587.  I have tried various permutations of the "fnmae lastnam:finamlastername@example.com " mail format.  I consistently get an "Mail server failure [[SMTP_ERRORS--1]]" "Notification send mail failed.  My settings were working fine on my ISY994x.  My local mail server does not require authentication so there are no credentials.

Is there a better log to review somewhere to understand what is happening and why this is failing?

Thank you for any tips, pointers, or solutions.

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49 minutes ago, smithnc said:

My local mail server does not require authentication so there are no credentials.

More than likely the setup is requiring there to be credentials. Would you want to test/use a "fake" gmail account? The setup info in the Wiki is accurate for setting up using their higher security settings. 

Not sure if the list of error codes would help (even -1 isn't referenced): 



My guess is you're in the very small percentage that would be running a local server so the setup is focused more for those using a free email service, their own ISP, or some other hosted email. All would require some sort of authentication. 

If can't figure it out probably best to get support directly from UDI through a support ticket.



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