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Trouble logging into udi-honeywellhome-auth.azurewebsites.net to add new thermostat

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I have a Honeywell t-stat that is working fine with this plugin.

I am replacing it with a new T9.

When I log into udi-honeywellhome-auth.azurewebsites.net I get an error message

 "code": 400,
    "message": "The redirect URL provided does not match the redirect URL registered for the app."

I am not sure who is maintaining this plugin any longer, any help would be appreciated.



*** Solution ****** 

Found the error of my ways.

If you have an existing account already set up, and it has been a year or more since you set it up, you may be using the OLD Callback Url.

If you are trying to replace a Honeywell Tstat, you may need to change/update the "call back url"

Open https://developer.honeywell.com 

Login as normal.

Goto "My Apps"

Select your app, in my case it was called ISY Nodeserver

Hit the pencil edit button.

Change the Callback Url from the old one to the new one:


Once that is corrected you can proceed to add the new Tstat.


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Solution Found
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