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Motion Senior 2 Battery Life


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Just wondering if anyone has some good suggesitons on how to get a reasonable "long" battery life from Battery type 123 when using a Motion Sensor 2. I have several Motion Sensor 1's installed controlling outdoor lights like the driveway, patio, front door, etc. They are setup to trigger only at night. The 9v battery lasts quite a long time even in the furnace temps in the SW. I have 2 installations of Motion Sensor 2 controlling lights in hallways. The first one was installed as a Motion Sensor 1 because the ISY firmware had not been updated at the time of the installation. The 2nd Motion Sensor 2 is installed as a Motion Sensor 2 since it was installed after the firmware update. The traffic in both hallways is very similar. The first Mortion Sensor 2 battery will last as long as the 9v batteries in the Mation Sensor 1. I am lucky to get 4 weeks out of the battery in the 2nd Motion Sensor 2. Any suggestions?

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Have you changed any of the parameters in the 2nd sensor?

What is  the 2nd sensor controlling?

You could try a factory reset, restore device on the 2nd sensor.  The batteries should last as long as the 1st sensor unless something is constantly triggering the sensor.


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i changed 2 parameters - Ramp Up/Down time and the time interval for OFF.

The sensor is controlling lights in the hallway - 2-way switch configuration.


To the best of my knowledge nothing other than someone in the hallway is triggering an event. 

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below is a page from some testing I did back in 2019 on the MSII current demand.

Upon motion the sensor comes out of "sleep mode" and consumes a fairly large current while awake for 5 sec or so.

Battery life will be directly related to the number of motions sensed.  Likely more in a Hallway of course.

     Compare your settings of each sensor to see if one is different for some reason. 

   I get fairly good battery life on mine but they are not used for Hallway type traffic.  On my sensors I turn the LED brightness as low as it will go.  Mine only report at night and only report the "On" to keep the number of wake cycles lower.


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It may not be possible for your installation but I plugged mine into an old iPhone charger and a micro usb cable from amazon. Installed it 6 months ago and have not thought about it since.

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