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Review of KPL 1.5 and I2 feature set

yardman 49

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Hello MikeB and Michel:


Mike, I'm curious as to whether you've had a chance to see if the Rev 1.5 KPL has fixed the "Must Add Primary Button Last to Scenes including Secondaries" problem that has always plagued the KPLs. I am very curious about this, as to me this is even more aggravating than the "cannot control Primary from Secondaries" problem that 1.5 is suppose to fix.


If not, would you mind running an experiment on this?


Also, if Michel, Chris or anyone can give us a layman's synopsis of what features have been added or changed in Insteon 2, this would also be great.


Best wishes,

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Hey -


My understanding is that this is now working. I have a long laundry list of stuff to work on over the next couple weeks, so I don't think I'd be able to test this for a while. I'm sure by then someone else will have already confirmed.


But, again, my understanding is that this now works.

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This subject was delted twice today on techmall. I assume they do not want people knowing about it. I dont see the need for all of the secrecy but oh well that is SH for you.

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