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Set a KPL secondary OFF when turning a scene ON?


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In some instances, I want to make sure a light is OFF when I turn a scene ON through my ISY. In most cases, this works great - I can simply add the device to the scene, and set it to off within that scene.


However, sometimes a light that I want to turn OFF is also controlled by a KPL secondary button. I want to make sure that KPL secondary button is also OFF when I turn that scene ON.


Is there a reason why the ISY can't set a KPL secondary to be off when I activate a scene?



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You need to create a follow scene for your KPL secondary LED so you can control it.


  1. [*:3hiajxc8] Make a new scene
    [*:3hiajxc8] Add the desired KPL secondary button as a responder
    [*:3hiajxc8] Add this scene to your program

This is the only way the Insteon protocol can do it because there is not a direct command to the KPL to toggle the LEDs.

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You are 100% correct (no surprise there).




Here's the problem:

Secondary buttons do not have on levels/ramp rates associated with them and therefore the only things you can do with them are on/off. Therefore, if you have any other controller that controls the lights associated with that button, all you could expect is to have it follow your controller. UNLESS - and as you have done previously - make your controller non-toggle or have two scenes as Rand suggested.


With kind regards,



A solution may be to have two scenes, one with only the KPL button. When the original scene turns on perhaps it can turn the button scene off.



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OK, thanks guys.... I figured I could do the 2 program workaround, but I was trying to avoid it.


I was just thrown off because you can have a relay turn OFF when a scene is turned ON from the ISY-26, so I figured the same could be done with a KPL secondary.

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Hello Mike:


I do a similar thing with the ISY; I even have a program folder called "Cleanups". I keep all my programs that I use to monitor or "cleanup" KPL secondary button status lights in this folder!


Here's an example:





1) I have a group (scene) that I call "Basement Normal Preset". In this scene, I have some switches turning on to preset levels, and other switches turning off.


2) Also in the scene are secondary buttons from a KPL in the basement.


3) The scene is controlled by both a Remotelinc in the basement and my Kitchen KPL button "G".


4) I want all the basement KPL secondaries to show the "true" status of their linked devices after the scene is turned "on". However, some of those devices are being turned "off" when the scene is turned "on"; if I then include the basement KPL secondaries for the scene "off" devices, those secondaries will actually show "on", even though the actual devices go off (the problem that you are experiencing).


5) My solution is two fold: first, I leave the buttons that need to be "off" out of the scene completely, and only put the "off" devices into the scene, along with the "on" devices and their respective "on" basement KPL secondaries. These then all respond as desired when the scene is activated.


Then, to set the proper states of those secondaries that should be "off" when the scene is activated, I then "fix" those secondaries by means of the following "program":




Control 'Kitch KPL G - Lower Level' is switched On

Or Control 'Kitch KPL G - Lower Level' is switched Off

Or Control 'Bsmt RTL 5 - Normal Preset' is switched On

Or Control 'Bsmt RTL 5 - Normal Preset' is switched Off



Wait 3 seconds

Set Scene 'Basement Normal Cleanup' Off



- No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')





The scene "Basement Cleanup" is the group that includes all of the "off" secondaries for the "Basement Normal Preset" scene.


This has actually worked out very well for me. The "wait 3 seconds" is necessary to allow the group cleanup messages to stop bouncing around after the scene is activated. If you don't put that in, you may get the Remotelinc or control KPL status lights to go into "spastic flashing mode".


I use this same concept for other similar scenes.


I have not used "Else" statements for these. How would the "Else" statements be used for these, Rand?



Best wishes,

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