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Disabling devices


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I used several Insteon Appliance modules to control my Christmas lights this season. I set up a scene for them and controlled it with a program. Simple, easy, and it worked great.


After the holidays were over, I disabled the program and disconnected the Appliance modules, but now when I open up My Lighting, I get pop-up warnings that they can't be detected.


I'd rather not delete them, since I'd just have to re-create them when I use them again next year. Can the Appliance modules be disabled somehow, so that I don't get the pop-up warnings?

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You will get errors with the 3AM Query "MyLights".


You can create a new scene containing all your devices except the holiday ApplianceLincs and direct the 3AM query to that instead of MyLights.


I have several scenes that added together contain all my devices; Indoor Lights, Outside Lights, Basement Lights, Holiday Lights, Train Lights.


Train Lights are on a power strip that is powered only occasionally. Holiday Lights are new LampLincs that will probably turn into Train Lights before next Christmas :wink:


       Time is  3:00:00AM

       Set Scene 'Indoor Lights' Query
       Set Scene 'Outside Lights' Query
       Set Scene 'Basement Lights' Query

  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')


Yes, it adds another link for every device, but it also allows viewing and control (and query) of every device in a more organized manner.


Or, heck, just delete or disable the 3AM Query :D



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