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Why does AOL S**K?


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Excuse my french, please substitute tin for the ** if you like.


I have Verizon DSL service, but through AOL. After unsucessfully trying to access my ISY through the internet, I realized that my IP address wasn't static. Long story short, AOL doesn't issue static IP addresses "for security reasons" I can't imagine there's any kind of work around, short of changing my provider. But my imagination is a little limited so, if anyone has any ideas, please let them fly.


Thanks, Chris

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Just did the same as royce spelled out and it works well. You have to learn the inner guts of your modem (which with a certain person at UD) I was able to do in a few hours. We made my ISY a static (internal) address and I now have DYNDNS that gets updated from my modem and I always can see my ISY. I've had some problems with my DSL service and I'm still not 100% sure I'm out of the water, but the past two weeks it has worked flawless. Good luck. I'm still learning as I go. I hope you have the same luck.



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New member! And currently salivating over the arrival of my 99ir. :o


Just had to comment. I have long shared your feelings about AOL. I walked away from the service in 2001 after throwing money at them for far too many years. You should know, though, that AOL's approach is not unique. I currently use AT&T DSL, while most of my family uses Comcast cable internet. Not one us has a static IP address. I believe I would have to get a business DSL account and pay ~$75/month in order to get a static IP address.


Is it worth it? Absolutely not. I will shortly be setting up a dyndns account as suggested. My brother has been utilizing dyndns to host our family website and an internet voice chat server (TeamSpeak), for several years with absolutely no problems whatsoever. I highly recommend it!

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OMG that's funny, but it doesn't surprise me in the least. I got rid of AOL probably 10 years ago, we get it free from Time Warner and my wife still uses it, but that's it. I use my AOL email address as a spam address.


I don't think any residential broadband services assign static IP's. I know mine doesn't.

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