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ISY26 Firmware Refresh


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Would UDI consider updating the firmware for ISY26 to support some of the most basic dual band products? Smarthome is discontinuing its powerline only Switchlinc Dimmer and Relay models and replacing them with the dual band products.

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Obviously UDI will comment but I would not think that physically possible. It is not a simple matter of adjusting the cat/subcat values. The SwitchLinc Relay is an I2CS device and the Dimmer will be eventually. There are at least 12 different device types being shipped as I2CS and that number will only increase over time. Don’t think the memory in the 26 is large enough to support such a large update to I2CS support.

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I'm sure this question will come up.


What happens if one attempts to replace a 2476D or S with a 2477D or S? Will the replacement device just show up as an unknown device type? Will the basic on/off commands work?


If not, what is the upgrade path here, as the ecosystem of devices evolve? There will be people who will look for replacement 2476x's to repair/maintain their existing systems, but I have to wonder how many people will try taking the path of replacing their old device with a new one when their switches fail.

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An I2CS device cannot be correctly added to the ISY below 3.2.x. Some I2CS device types present command failures such that the device add process fails. Other device types look like they add successfully but do not. Some I2CS devices will work with basic On/Off commands, others will not. Scenes cannot work on an I2CS device when created by software/firmware that does not support I2CS. That means no device linking and no status updates. Depends on what/how/how much of I2CS protocol changes the device developer chose to implement in the first device firmware that requires I2CS. Experience has shown it varies across the 12+ device types that now require I2CS support. How I2CS device failures will evolve on software/firmware that does not support I2CS is unknown.


Bottom line, one cannot realistically remain on any software/firmware that does not support I2CS.


The solution is to move to the later ISY where code memory is large enough to support the evolving Insteon protocol and device types.

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Very possible a replacement 2476S or 2476D made after March 2012 would also be I2CS.

Most of them are now being sold with I2CS in them.

May not effect too many but X10 support is also gone in some of them.

My friends in the X10 forums are not happy with that move. As X10 has some financial troubles and many of their modules are gone.

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The 2476S and 2476D are still being sold on the Smarthome web site. No one has reported the 2476D as being I2CS so spare Dimmers could be purchased. Of course with users moving to 3.2.6 an I2CS Dimmer could have been received and installed without problems so we might not know if the 2476D has moved to I2CS. The 2476S is I2CS so spares would not be of any use without going to 3.2.6.


With so many other device types already on I2CS I really don't think staying at 2.7.15 is practical.

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One of the I2CS additions was No X10 support for many models.

I would not count on any Insteon Modules from now on being shipped without I2CS. Reported or not.

Though someone posting a Event Viewer log while adding them would be a big hint. :wink:

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