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integration of webcam and ISY?


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I have several Panasonic webcams installed. They offer a "motion detection" mode. When I'm home I don't want motion and have that option set off. It was a pain to continually arm and dis-arm them. I have a network module callout that when I push a KPL button upon leaving/arriving home (also can be done via Mobilinc), sends the CGI transfer code to each camera to turn the motion on/off. This same KPL button also sets my ISY to home/away mode. It has been very helpful.


That said, a guy on this forum, Burak? made the code. Maybe he could post as to how he made this code and how to modify it? One thing I've always wanted to do was modify it so as to incorporate WeatherBug data, i.e., sun data to turn the motion off during very sunny weather. I have more clouds and shaddows from the clouds setting off motion than I do people or animals. The CGI transfer codes could be written to do things such as turning a PTZ camera to a certain spot upon a light switch push, etc. Depending on your camera, if it is Panasonic, they offer a very good booklet (downloadable at:)http://panasonic.net/pcc/support/netwkcam/download/us.html.


If you dream up something good, please come back and update us.



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