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keypadlinc and ISY working together


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Hi all,


I am new to the whole insteon world and are currently setting up a couple of devices around the house. In one room I have a 6 button keypadlinc which I have programmed like this:

* Scene Masterbedroom:

** Main On Button as Controller - Load set to 100% if pressed

** C Button As Controller - Load set to 25% if pressed


Everything works as expected when I am using the keypad buttons:

* I press 'on' and the lights go to 100%. C stays off because this is the 25% indicator

* I press 'C' and the lights go to 25%. 'on' also turns on because it indicates "load".


So far so good. Now I am trying to control the same scene with either the ISY Admin Console or the MobiLinc. Both execute the same command.

I turn the scene Masterbedroom on.


This has almost the requested behavior. The lights go to 100%, however it also lights up the C button on the keypad which it shouldn't. This is the 25% indicator.


What am I missing? Anyone has an idea what I am doing wrong?




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When pressing physical KeypadLinc buttons the KeypadLinc is the Controller. When turning the Scene On from the Admin Console the ISY PLM is the Controller. Each Responder has a different setting based on which Controller is being used. Click on the Scene name and set the On Level for button C to 0% On Level. This only works on KeypadLincs with v.40 firmware and above. If the KeypadLinc is below v.40 a Secondary button cannot be turned Off with a Scene On. The older KeypadLincs require ISY Programs and separate Scenes for controlling Secondary button LEDs.

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Thanks for the quick answer. I don't have the ability to turn off button C from the main scene screen in the ISY. I assume this means I have older than v.40 firmware. I can double check that at home tonight.

I just order those keypadlincs from smarthome and they arrive last week. How could it be that they have an older firmware ?


Is there any way for me to update those ?



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Apologies, my mistake. The ability to turn Off Secondary buttons from another explicit Controller of the Scene is in 3.2.6. That capability was not extended to the Scene name. I believe that function is a candidate for a future release. I am sure you have the latest KeypadLinc firmware.

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So I double checked my keypadlincs. I thought I see the firmware on the keypad themselves, but instead I think you meant the version shown in the ISY.

So I have two versions as I had two separate orders. V.40 and V.35 - both have the same behavior in the ISY though

My ISY is V3.2.6.


Based on your last post what is the right approach to "fix" my problem by using programs ? Create a 2nd scene and listen on a status change from the first scene and then call the second scene which turn off C ?


Thanks for all the help.

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With the objective of controlling from MobiLinc, create a Program that can be invoked by MobiLinc. The Program turns the Scene Off which insures all the involved buttons are Off, followed by an Insteon Direct command to the KeypadLinc Primary node to turn the KeypadLinc On.

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