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Cannot write to I/O Linc "Set Options" from ISY


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I have set up the I/O Linc to open and close my garage as well as give me the status of the door. Although I can control the I/O Linc from the ISY and see it's status as well as from Mobilinc, I cannot make changes when click on the "Set Options" button. I had wanted to change the relay from Latching to C Momentary. Every time I go to the "Set Options", you can see the ISY writing something and you see the momentary time go from 2 tenths of a second to 0. When I make a change to the momentary time or select a check box/radio button then click save, the ISY "writes" something but the changes do not take effect.


I then went to the I/O Linc locally and was able to change the latching to momentary using the "Set" button on the unit. At the IST, when opening the "Set Options", I now see the C Momentary selected...great. I was also able to change the momentary time to what I think is about 8-10 seconds but the ISY does not show that in the "Set Options"...just shows 2 upon opening then drops to 0. I can still not write from the ISY to the I/O Linc.


I have also factory reset the I/O Linc with no change to being able to save changes.


Any thoughts?

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The Momentary hold time change will not display the next time but it should be in effect. The ISY is setting the Momentary hold time correctly, just not pulling the new value back the next time Set Options is invoked.


The other I/O Linc options are not being set correctly. This is the result of the I2CS I/O Linc needing some command adjustments.


I believe the next ISY release will resolve problems.

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