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Little Help with my Motion control light program


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       Elk Zone 'Kitchen Motion' is Violated
   And From    Sunset  - 30 minutes
       To      Sunrise +  1 hour  (next day)

       Set Scene 'FrontDoor / Foyer' On
       Wait  2 minutes 
       Set Scene 'FrontDoor / Foyer' Off

  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')


So the above rule turns the light on just fine as expected, however it never turns the light off even after more than 2 minutes of no motion.

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Well, I can only speculate, given that I know nothing of what is in the scene or the elk condition.


How long does the kitchen motion violation stay on? Is this a momentary condition? Can you observe the status of the zone from the ISY-99 admin panel? Is it possible that the violation comes on for a short (less than two minutes) period, turns off (unviolated?) by itelf (or based upon motion sensor input), forcing a re-evaluation of the condition before the end or the two-minute wait period?

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One solution is to split the Program into two Programs. The first Program has the current If statements with the Then clause invoking the second Program. The second Program has nothing in the If section and the Then clause contains the logic from the existing Program. That way when the If conditions change before the 2 minute mark, the second Program is not affected.


That also solves the problem of a motion violation within 2 minutes of the To time. When the To time occurs the If is reevaluated to False which can also prevent the statement after the Wait from executing. Splitting into two Programs prevents this from happening.

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